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Version: 1.3.26

PIMinto API calls V1.0 - OpenAPI 3.0

5 June 2024

Secured Product Information Endpoints. This documentation provides information on endpoints available for accessing PIMinto parts information management system. Each dataset is hosted on its own instance. The API allows both fetching underlying PIMS data as well as managing the Product information management system's structure.

Security is controlled through API key and views. API Keys define the endpoints that an API Key is allowed to access. Views define what data is accessible to an API key.

The ApiKey and ApiView parameters are passed in the request header. If no ApiView parameter is passed the default view for an ApiKey will be used to determine what data is returned by the endpoint.

To use this tool to access API endpoints you must provide an instance name and authenticate against that instance with a valid ApiKey.


Security Scheme Type:apiKey
Header parameter name:ApiKey


API Support: