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Interface Layout Options

The Product Information Management (PIM) System offers users the flexibility to view product data in three different formats: list, cards, or spreadsheet view. Each view has its own advantages and user interactions.
  • List View:
    In the list view, product data is displayed in a tabular format, typically with multiple columns representing different attributes of the products. Users can scroll through the list to view various products and their details. However, to edit the attributes of a specific product, the user needs to click on that particular product's entry, which then opens a product details page. On the product details page, users can modify the attributes of the selected product.  The Product attributes that are  displayed in this view are determined by the field selections in the Setup Layout settings.
  • Cards View:
    In the cards view, each product is represented as a separate card with a summarized view of its essential information. The cards might display product images, names, and other key details. Similarly to the list view, users must click on a specific product card to access the detailed product page for editing attributes. This view is often more visually appealing and suitable for browsing through product information.
  • Spreadsheet View:
    In the spreadsheet view, product data is presented in a tabular format, just like the list view. The key difference here is that users can edit the attributes directly within the cells without having to navigate to a separate details page. It allows for live editing, meaning changes are immediately visible as the user updates the data in the cells. To move between cells, the user can press the Ctrl-Arrow keys, making it convenient for bulk editing and faster navigation.
Each view provides a different user experience and is useful in various scenarios:
  • The list view is straightforward and best for quickly scanning through product information.
  • The cards view offers a more visual representation, suitable for product browsing and easy identification.
  • The spreadsheet view is ideal for efficient bulk editing and managing large amounts of data.
The PIMS system's ability to switch between these views gives users the flexibility to choose the most suitable display format based on their needs and preferences.