PIM - Product Information Management.

Product Information Management

Helps You Maximize Your Customer Experience

Product Information Management solutions provide a technology platform where both individuals and teams can collect, organize, collaborate and enrich product data and product related digital assets across the enterprise. A PIM solution aids in the publication or syndication of product data across eCommerce websites, brand portals and other channels used in marketing products. The goal of a Product Information Management platform is to make the collection, editing and management of product data easier while enriching the end user's product experience thereby driving brand loyalty and product sales.

How to Use PIM Software?

Using PIM software entails collecting all of the product information in your organization and importing that data into the PIM tool, then organizing, classifying and enriching it. Often legacy product data is stored in in documents and spreadsheets and must be bulk imported into the PIM. PIM systems provides a platform specially designed to assist in importing your initial product data Using a PIM platform exposes product data managers to many new concepts such as defining a product data model and related product attributes, as well as filtering, sorting, and mapping data. Our PIM even allows you to leverage Artificial Intelligence to assist in managing and enriching your product data.

How to Use PIM

Implementing PIM solutions aims to optimize teamwork and minimize manual operations. Product information management reduces time to market, which means you can easily define, gather, evaluate, and share information across multiple channels. Whether you use printed catalogs, create e-commerce websites, or share your products on marketplaces, it will be much easier to work with the information when you gather it in a single place. Product information management from Piminto gives flexibility for better marketplace integration and effective distribution. Moreover, it allows you to integrate and consolidate any amount of data. A service-oriented architecture allows you to build seamless connections with any third-party software, avoiding obstacles and issues.

Advantages PIM


Having a "single source of truth" with all of your product data easily accessible and organized has many advantages. One of those advantages is the ability to collaborate with other team members to enrich the data using old fashion editing techniques or by leveraging AI. Utilizing a PIM also allows faster data syndication and publishing. This includes the ability for the PIM platform to map data and share product information in different data formats. This makes it easier r marketplace integration and sharing product information across many channels.


The disadvantages of not having a PIM and trying to manage and share product information with spreadsheets is self evident. Identifying the disadvantages of choosing the wrong PIM platform or open source PIM solution may not be as clear. It is important that you select a PIM solution like PIMinto that provides comprehensive onboarding and training. Additionally your PIM should allow you to properly evaluate advanced PIM features before you are dependent on them. Likewise it is critical that your PIM Solution allows you to maintain ownership of your data.

Disadvantages PIM

PIM Pricing plans and features.

It's easy to get started with our Free plan. You can check and choose all subscriptions plans and pricing. and learn from your own experience why PIMInto is the best product information management system for organizing your product data and growing your business. Your subscription plans can be changed whether you want.



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Leading PIM Software

Leading PIM Software Options


Akeneo PIM, offers an enterprise-grade solution designed to improve product data quality and simplify data syndication across channels. Its flexibility and marketplace integration capabilities make it a popular choice among businesses.


PIMinto is an easy to learn powerful PIM platform that combines product information management with digital asset management and custom product data models. It's known for its ability to create a rich product portal and enhance the product experience and integrates with AI.


Salsify takes PIM solutions a step further by integrating product experience management features. This cloud-based platform claims to deliver seamless product data management and syndication capabilities.

Why PIM is the Best Solution

Utilizing a PIM is the best solution because the advantages are clear. You no longer need to get lost in spreadsheets, documents and file shares. A PIM makes organizing product data easy. PIM systems are specifically designed for marketplace and channel integration making data syndication and conforming to marketing strategies much easier. Additionally many tasks can be scheduled or performed on demand, removing the need for tedious manual tasks, while bulk operations and Artificial intelligence allow make updating much less time consuming.

PIM Solution
Free PIM

PIM Software Freeware

For businesses seeking cost-effective solutions, a Free PIM plan on PIMinto offers a compelling option. This platforms provide outputs, transforms and brand portals with the free plan. With other PIM this is not the case. This enables even small businesses to leverage advanced product information management capabilities.

PIM is also orienteered to support multiple geographic locations and process data in multiple languages. It also allows managers to maintain and modify product information by using a centralized product catalog.

In conclusion, adopting a PIM system is crucial for businesses aiming to optimize their product experience. By choosing the right PIM software, companies can enhance their product data management, streamline their operations, and achieve a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


PIM stands for Product Information Management. A PIM is a centralized repository or specialized database for storing product information that provides a user interface that makes editing, updating, managing and sharing all of the information about one or more products simple and straight forward. The specialized design of the PIM provides features that save significant time in maintaining and sharing the product data.
Go to PIMinto.com and request to create a New PIM with “Start now” button. Fill in the form with your info. One of our staff members will reach out to discuss your specific requirements.
PIMinto PIM offers both FREE and paid subscription plans. Paid plans start at $100 per month.
Having accurate product information is the most important aspect for any business. The more accurate and up to date product information is, the better a business can sell to, promote and inform customers about their products.
Choosing a PIM is a combination of finding the solution that offers the features you need at a competitive price point. The added value of training, support and onboarding should not be under estimated. PIMinto offers free training, support and onboarding.
PIMinto PIM is an example of a PIM. PIMInto PIM acts a as single source of truth and organizes and streamlines product information management.

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