How is our PIM different?

Really Fast!

The only PIM system that provides our Data Streams feature. This results in performance that is over 10 times faster. Speed is critical in PIM implementations, even more so when they are headless. Stop making your data mangers, editors, and end users watch a spinning wheel when they are trying to access or edit data in the management interface. Likewise, our fast Data Streams allows your website developers to connect directly to PIMinto API and serve product information directly proxied by your headless eCommerce platform blazingly fast. Data Streams provide dynamic filtering, search results, user interface elements, and product category elements directly from the PIMinto data stream without limits. This dramatically cuts website integration, development time, and time to product publication while providing advanced search and filtering at lightning speeds. View the actual Lighthouse comparison Screenshot.

Tracks Everything

The PIM automatically maintains change history for previous versions of your product information. When necessary, you can easily review, compare and roll back to a previous revision. The user interface lets you identify when data was changed, who did the change and what were the exact data changes. Easily compare current and previous product data revisions for individual products or SKU's and make wise choices so you do not lose data and minimize mistakes. Change and revision tracking with roll back capability increases individual user and team member confidence. Users can make data edits with confidence, assuring that data integrity and quality standards are met.

Easier Interface

The PIM user interface and functionality have been designed by specialists that have been working with major manufacturers to maintain and properly publish millions of product SKU's across varying channels for the last 20 years. Capitalizing on industry knowledge and the clear need for human efficiencies as well as data integrity, the PIM user interface maximizes productivity. This ensures increased team member efficiency and fewer mistakes related to bad data and disorganization. Ask for a no obligation demonstration today.

Better ROI

(ROI) for a Product Information Management (PIM) system is influenced by several key factors. data quality improvements, increased efficiency and ease of data management and data editing, reduced time to market, easier mass imports and exports, improved efficiencies and collaboration between team members, better data quality resulting in enhanced consumer experiences, tighter, true headless integrations with eCommerce systems resulting in a better buying experiences and higher end consumer acceptance. Find out how PIMinto can impact your ROI today.

Free Migration

We will help you migrate your data for free when you sign up for our paid service levels and prepay for 6 months. Talk with one of our PIM and DAM specialists today to compare your current PIM solution costs with migrating to PIMinto. Speak to one of our PIM specialist today about how you can save up to 20% or more and obtain a higher service level, better functionality and a higher ROI on your new PIM Solution. Our staff maintains the highest customer service levels in the industry and we are proud of it. Switch today!

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