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Product Information Management
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How is our PIM different?

Faster data transfer time. Faster user interface. No API limits. Real-time site serving. Time to switch to PIMInto.

PIMS attribute screenshot

PIMinto Data Streams

Connect Direct

Connect directly to Piminto Data Streams to query and fetch live product information for use on external portals and web sites.

Serve Direct

Serve the data directly to web site and portal users after applying styles. No need to store product information or process the product and category data locally.

Rich Results

Receive rich data result sets that include product line and category navigation in addition to product filtering and pagination data.

Build Fast

Write minimal code for product data integration and navigation. Only write code for functions that are specific to your site's functionality and not for finding, filtering, navigating and displaying products.

Apply Views

Apply views to return only the products and attributes that you require for your project, keeping your data safe and minimizing the data that is returned.

Apply Transforms

Apply data transforms to return the data results you need in the format you need it in.

Code samples

Freely available Data Stream implementation code samples show how easy it is to integrate into your web and portal projects.

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