What is a Channel?

A Sales or eCommerce channel is an external application or service that requires product information. With our Product Information Management (PIM) solution you have a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information and can transform and publish your product data everywhere that you need to it..

Unlimited Channels

Unlike other PIM systems we do NOT charge you for OUTPUTS. Outputs is a different way of saying channels or connections to your PIM. A connection to your PIM is either an output or input where you need to send or receive Product Information. PIMInto allows you to connect your PIM to as many external systems to send or receive you product feeds as you want as long (as you do not abuse the PIM.)

Transform Your Product Data

Using Views you can transform your product data into different field and data formats so that each channel can receive only the data that it requires in the format that a channel requires. In addition to Views, PIMinto also utilizes a script language that allows the evaluation, manipulation and assignment of import and export values based on import data and business logic.

Imports, Exports and Feeds

Channels come in different types. Some are simple import and export channels that dump data in a file or other predefined format, while others are live feeds that that expect data to be sent or pushed on a scheduled or regular basis. With PIMinto you can export and import data, or configure feeds to send and receive data regularly.