Product Information Management (PIM) For Manufacturers

Centralizing and enriching your product data can be done with product information management (PIM). If you are a manufacturer and you are looking for product optimization features, you have a nice option to do that. Classic product information management proved itself as a powerful force of product experience growth.

Also, this practice helps creators move away from a single information channel and share the data more effectively. To implement such solutions, you should rely on PIM technology that effectively manages your product data and enriches it until the end of the cycle. We can guarantee that by offering the most effective product information management practices for manufacturers

pim for manufacturers

What is PIM in Manufacturing?

In manufacturing, product information management is defined as the number of various product options, optimizing your supply chain, and making it easier to perform various operations. Regardless of the area you work in (electronics, homewares, industrial equipment, construction, etc.), you will be able to control the data across the multi-channel chain.

By applying new PIM solutions from Piminto, you also give yourself an option for digital growth. Today more and more manufacturers are switching to product information management practices optimizing, organizing, and managing data to use it for their products and applications. You basically replace all manual processes with automated operations, being able to automate your IT infrastructure and improve the data quality. This also allows you to avoid human errors that often happen when doing everything manually.

How Manufacturing Benefits from PIM

Using product information management in manufacturing, creators can enrich and store product data from a central source of truth. Also, with PIM solutions implemented, the truth in your product will rise. Another option for using PIM is to push data across various channels and marketplaces to ensure the data is reliable and updated.

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Why Do Manufacturers Need PIM?

Manufacturers may need PIM for several reasons. Below are the most common reasons companies continue to use product information management solutions.

pim for manufacturers

  • Managing information about the product from a single source. When your data is centralized, you can be sure it’s delivered correctly and is consistent with your brand. Also, PIM allows users to avoid common data mistakes.
  • Getting read of spreadsheets to improve data management. When you have to work with tons of data, you have to save everything in spreadsheets. With, PIM, they can avoid that by switching to automating workflows to simplify all the major operations.
  • Reducing time-to-market across channels. With product information management, you spend less time updating and sharing product information across multiple channels. It’s very helpful if you share product information across marketplaces.
  • Improving standards of compliance and sustainability. Since there are strict regulatory requirements in data sectors, PIM usage will help you organize the needed documentation properly. Basically, you prove yourself as a trustworthy partner.

Our Extensive Expertise in PIM Solutions for Manufacturing

Product data centralization

It may be a disaster to work with dispersed product information, so you may want to centralize everything and improve data control.

Improved analytics

Sometimes manufacturers pay too much attention to data quality, but if you underestimate it, it will be even worse. So, you should have a proper analysis and update data to eliminate mistakes and small issues.

Simplified multichannel collection

PIM for manufacturers is very impactful because it helps them connect created and optimized catalogs to multiple channels and launch projects faster. You share accurate data and automate data regardless of the used platform.

Customizing product content

With product information management implemented, companies now can send targeted messages to help customers receive updated information, improve customer experience, and maximize engagement.

Standardizing data

Solutions that come with the implementation of product information management allow manufacturers to bring data to a single standard. We’ve been using this option for a long time, and it’s showing a high level of efficiency. You have product-related and updated data to keep customers informed and help them make the right choice.

pim for equipment manufacturers

Who Can Use Pim in Manufacturing?

Various categories of individuals can use product information management for manufacturing. The way they use these solutions may change depending on their tasks and responsibilities.

pim software for manufacturers

Product or marketing managers

PIM solutions save time for those who work in management because they spend less time entering platforms and managing information there. For example, managers will see how the product works on various platforms before actually implementing changes and running the product.

Strategists in eCommerce or digital commerce

When we talk about digital commerce, we mention product information management (PIM) as a solution for fine-tuning data to optimize it for different channels, improve search engine optimization, etc. With PIM solutions, people can be sure the data will reach the target audience on time without issues.

Developers in IT

Software developers can take advantage of using product information management. By using modern solutions in their open-source products, they improve teamwork, allowing different teams to work independently, and effectively spreading the tasks without the direct involvement of the staff.

Customer service teams

With PIM, customer service teams will have the needed product information in their hands, allowing them to answer questions and help clients make the right choice. It directly impacts your income because the more you help clients, the higher the possibility is that they’ll come to you again.

Large Manufacturers in Need of PIM Solutions

Nobody said that PIM is only for small manufacturers. Large companies also get an advantage by using this software. They become more efficient and increase their income. Moreover, since they have more data to work with, an improved data-sharing experience will help them simplify this process and reduce time-to-market.

Product information management provides numerous solutions, including website creation, building access to marketplaces, developing e-commerce portals, and performing other actions that raise your capabilities and help you increase your global presence. For example, when you have an e-commerce portal, you can easily manage large product information, which is perfect for large manufacturers. Big brands, retailers and distributors, food services and delivery companies, healthcare companies, restaurants, and other huge organizations will become more effective after implementing PIM solutions.

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