Now enhanced with AI

Cut down on your teams workload by assigning tasks to AI. The PIM integrates with OpenAI simplifying a variety of complex tasks with AI assistants. AI makes performing thousands of product information management tasks simple. Automatically receive notification when AI tasks are complete. Chose to apply AI results in bulk or manually review before accepting the AI's changes. Managing your PIM is now easier especially with AI and bulk tasks. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks such as checking for errors, updating product information, performing translations, creating special product descriptions, even checking product data and marking products for human review. Now it is easier than ever to monitor and improve data accuracy and richness, and perform transformations on product data.

More PIM Features.

PIM features:

Data Streams

Connect directly to Piminto and use it for your product information data source for live eCommerce web sites.

Access Groups

Create and manage access groups. Always have control of who has your data. Restrict what data is available to any access group with a View.


Customize the data that is stored in Pimito based on your needs without creating a mess.

Digital Asset Management

Collect and manage all product related digital assets including product spinners, images, documents, videos and more. Classify assets for ease of management, access and distribution.


Control what product information attributes and assets are available to any access group or channel. This includes what can be viewed and what can be modified in the User Interface, Data Streams and API.


Create categories for products and define required attributes for products that belong to specific categories as well as a categories filterable attributes.

Omni-Channel & Feeds

Push or pull data to and from external systems at the frequency you define, as well as allow external systems to connect and fetch data when they want it.

PIMS attribute screenshot
PIMS product tiles screenshot


Transform channel data to and from virtually any format required or defined by external systems and users.


Manage product variants and optionally define product attribute values and assets for each variant.


Easily define different tyes of product relationships in Piminto to better associate products to better leverage cross and upsell opportunities.

Version Tracking

Track previous versions and proposed changes to product information. Roll back or approve proposed changes.

Task Management

Create and assign product information editing tasks team members to make collaboration and data maintenance easier.

Free Brand Portals

Customize your own Free Brand Portals complete with navigation, filtering and product comparison. PIMinto includes brand portal functionality FREE.

Product Sheets

Easily design custom product sheets and make accessible from the web or generate as as PDF.

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