Free PIM.

Managing product information effectively is critical for all eCommerce businesses. Now you can use our PIM free with our free licensing tier. Unlike most free PIM plans our PIM actually allows you to import and export and use the PIM API while subscribed to the free plan. As an additional bonus our free plan also includes full featured FREE BRAND PORTAL functionality. Starting today you can enhance marketplace integration and improve and organize your product information and start publishing to your channels, making it easier to manage and distribute data across various platforms.

Free PIM Includes:

Free Brand Portal.

A Brand Portal is a branded website that provides access to a brand's digital content, including brochures, videos, images and other product related content.

Import and Export.

PIMinto import and export wizards allow data to be easily imported and exported, even with the free PIM. PIM data can be easily consumed by other sites, platforms and channels.

Digital Asset Management.

The free PIM provides a API and User interface for uploading all of your product images and related digital content with all of the features of a DAM.


Define multiple completeness requirements to determine what products are ready for what syndication channels and what content still needs to be edited in your free PIM.


Product relations are either one-way or two-way relations between products, Sample relationships include but are not limited to: replacement, substitute, kit item, upsell, cross sell, component part, kit part and more.


A variant refers to a version of a product that is slightly different from other versions of the same product. These differences can include variations of product features and specifications. Examples include both color and size.

Data Revision Tracking.

Allows you to track and who made what specific changes and when those changes were made. Upgrade to a paid plan for the ability to "roll back" changes.

API Keys.

An application programming interface (API) key is a code used as a unique identifier for authentication purposes, allowing you to connect unlimited external applications to the PIM.

View / Transform Output

One of the most powerful PIM features is the ability to transform output. The free PIM plan lets you define one data transformation format.

One-on-One Onboarding.

Our specially trained PIM experts will meet with you one-on-one for free training and onboarding even when you sign up for a free PIM.

Easy To Use Interface.

The full featured user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Additionally, we provide free training!