PIM Benefits.

Work Smarter

PIMinto is designed to assist individuals, teams, and third-party users like "vendors" enrich product information for the best end-consumer experience. Not all products are created equally. PIMinto considers this and can quickly identify products that are ready for publication based on both product category and individual channel requirements. Many PIM systems do not consider individual product category requirements and rely only on channel definitions instead. Likewise, by controlling access to specific products and product attributes, teams can invite external users to contribute to enriching product data.

Reduce Effort

Piminto is designed to organize data in a manner that makes sense in the real world to real people. The user interface provides key information as data is populated and reviewed. Designed around productivity, multiple presentation and editing options display the product data similar to how it will be presented to dealers, and customers in the real world; as well as control who can edit what data and which specific product attributes. List and product views provide a friendlier interface when performing manual updates. Task lists provide the ability to assign editing and review tasks to team members, making sure work is completed in a timely manner.

Assign Tasks

PIMinto is designed to guide individuals and teams in enriching their product information. Tasks can be easily defined by creating a list of products or defining product selection rules for a task. Once a task has been defined it can then be assigned to team members or third parties like "vendors" for completion. The task list maintains a list of all work to be performed guiding team members in completing specific product information enrichment for publication. Task completion notifies the task creator that the assigned task has been done.

Manage Easier

PIMinto is designed to make the management of product information easier. This is readily evident from the simplicity of the user interface design and the PIM features. Data updated by specific users may be automatically marked for review. Managers can be notified when edits are complete and need to be reviewed. When errors are identified in product data, changes can be rolled back to prior versions even after the data review has been completed. PIMinto has the ability to store previous versions of any specific product's information and roll back when necessary.

Serve Faster

One of the most significant differences between PIMinto and other PIM systems is that PIMinto is truly designed to serve data at high volumes. Unlike other PIM, PIMinto does much more than act as a single source of truth to "feed" other product repositories. PIMinto can act as an API-driven database engine using Our unique Data Streams feature to provide live product data to brand portals and headless eCommerce solutions. Web developers can easily connect to PIMinto and serve the product data directly to users without reprocessing or storing the data. Dealer, end consumer searches and product pages and display relevant, filterable, structured data results direct to external platform users without having to code complex logic. This results in significant development savings for portal and eCommerce solutions and truly up-to-date product information.

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