PIMInto - Product Information Management (PIM)

Single Source of Truth

Discover the future of Product Information Management and data governance (that works for all products in any industry) with our next-generation PIM and DAM! Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and disorganization. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface is engineered for speed, offering you faster load times and an enhanced user experience while effortlessly maintaining the single source of truth for your product data and digital assets. Easily manage all your product information for your sales channels and streamline your operations, allowing you to increase data quality while focusing on what truly matters—your business.

Exceptionally Easy to Use

Eliminate 'knowledge silos' and stop working in isolation with PIMinto. Designed for seamless teamwork, PIMinto reduces time to market, making it easy and effortless to share, define, collect and edit all forms of product information and digital assets. With everything organized and centralized, updating, optimizing, managing, and distributing high quality, accurate product data becomes a breeze. From product details and specifications to images, videos, documentation, and even translation and localization data, PIMinto is your one-stop solution for efficient master data and digital asset management.

Artificial Intelligence

AI significantly enhances the capabilities and efficiency of managing product information. Your new PIM can now leverage the power of AI to perform a variety of complex tasks with AI assistants from OpenAI. Create an assistant to make managing PIM data easier and perform tasks such as checking for errors, and automating updating product information based on external information. Create an assistant to simply improve data accuracy and richness, or even for translating product descriptions between languages and performing transformations on product data.

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