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What Is a Product Line Sheet?

Author name: Maksym Bilokon

For wholesale business, product line sheet is one of the most essential tools. Its main purpose is product presentation. With a proper product line sheet, you may convince clients to purchase your products. In previous years, line sheets for products were designed with tools like PowerPoint or Photoshop. Still, with time, such practices became ineffective, and creators decided to make changes and implement new methods of creating product line sheets.

A product line sheet is a tool for presenting your product. It could be created in hours or even minutes, but it will contain all the needed information about products in furniture, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and other categories. If we talk about B2B and B2C applications, line sheets should be the main tool for presenting your products. If you are using PIM for E-commerce for your business project, you should rely on product line sheets and use them as main presentation tools.

What Is the Purpose of a Line Sheet in Marketing?

In marketing, the main purpose of using a line sheet is to present your product to a potential buyer. When buyers decide to purchase from new brands, it’s always risky. People want to ensure that the product they purchase matches their expectations, and it’s up to you to create a proper presentation. To ensure your product’s description has all the needed information and is shown from the best angles, consider using a marketing sheet. You must form your sheet from the most essential elements, including:

  • Brand logo
  • Images in a “lifestyle mode”
  • Default product images and details about it (size, price, color options)
  • “About the brand” part and its mission
  • Terms of sales

Now, when technological progress opens new perspectives for creators, they compose digital presentations to showcase the final product. When you do a digital presentation, you can adjust images, select the size, change colors, and work with other settings to make the line sheet catchy and informative.

What Is the Difference Between a Line Sheet and a Sell Sheet?

Unlike sell sheets or catalogs, line sheets are simpler and have no frills. They are always straightforward and needed only to guide potential customers through the product. When clients look at the line sheet, they have all the needed information about the product and know how to place an order. What remains the same for both sheets is the information update. Since line sheets are a part of your e-commerce business strategies, they should always be up-to-date.

Who Uses Product Line Sheets?

Product line sheets are usually used by wholesalers, fashion designers, and retailers to create a proper presentation of the product. They literally use them as a template for proper product presentation. With proper product line sheets, people can understand what they are dealing with, what the product's metrics are, etc.

What Is a Line Sheet in a Retail Example?

Below, you can have a look at several line sheet examples in retail.

Example 1

Basic examples contain a header with the brand logo and name, and information about the season. Also, there is some contact data. Next goes the product information:

  • Clean, high-resolution images.
  • Unique identifiers that identify styles for products.
  • A brief description with key features and other details (materials, colors, etc.)
  • Available sizes
  • Wholesale price
  • A minimum quantity in one order
  • Order form. A separate page where buyers can select what product to buy.

Example 2

An accessory line sheet contains the brand name, the collection title, and contact information. After that, the line sheet example contains the following information:

  • Product names and style numbers.
  • High-quality images.
  • Options to choose different colors and materials.
  • Order Requirements.

What Is a Line Sheet in Fashion Example?

Also, have a look at the example of a line sheet in fashion. Line sheets are crucial for sales and business deals, so fashion experts make them informative, so the buyers will have all the needed information.

Example 1

An apparel line sheet example contains basic elements like the brand name, logo, and header. It also includes an informative description with key features and information about the material, size range, wholesale price, style numbers, and product photos. Also, the line sheet example must contain quantities for minimal orders, as well as the delivery time.

Example 2

The second example of a line sheet in fashion is about accessories. It doesn’t contain any significant differences as all the core parts remain the same. You have a header with the brand logo and collection name. You have the information about available colors and sizes, information about used materials and styles. Also, the line sheet in fashion should mention the wholesale pricing and the suggested retail price. Finally, don’t forget to mention minimum order size.

What Is a Line Sheet for Jewelry Example?

Check the examples of line sheets for jewelry. We provide the description of two different examples, so you can understand the difference.

Example 1

Line Sheet for jewelry consists of a header with the title and brand info, style numbers, and product images. The product description contains all the core information about the type of metal, used gemstones, the weight of the carats, and additional features (if present). Marketers should also include data about length, width, and weight. Such information is extremely important for bracelets and necklaces. Finally, consider mentioning the pricing in the line sheet.

Pim For Distributors

Example 2

Another example of a line sheet for fashion jewelry is similar to the first example in that you need to mention basic metrics, carats, the used gemstones, and so on. Also, add information about the available colors and sizes. The pricing information must be mentioned as well.

What Do All These Line Sheets Have In Common? Uncover Their Shared Secrets!?

What do you think is common in all these line sheets? They all provide detailed information about products, which is extremely important for business. Line Sheets are extremely important because they show potential customers what the product looks like, how much it costs, and how valuable it is compared to similar products.

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