Why Product Content is Essential for eCommerce Business?

When people only start their path in eCommerce business, they underestimate the importance of product content. Some individuals thought they could just implement changes in the source code of the application, and it would be enough. If you want to ac

Maksym Bilokon

June 27, 2024


What Does It Mean to Normalize Data? A Comprehensive Guide

What does it mean to normalize data, isn't an abstract theory.  It is a practical necessity used to make sense out of chaotic mountains of raw data. By understanding the significance of data normalization, you'll be equipped to make data-driven


Introduction to PIM and PCM

A brief explanation of what a PIM (Product Information Management) and a PCM (Product Content Management) are and their roles in e-commerce and product management. Understanding PIM and PCM Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Conte